At Delgado Schwarzmann Vila Clavero Abogados & Asociados, we believe that the values of law and society should go hand in hand with the spirit of solidarity and humanity that the founders of this law firm move and share with their colleagues and friends.Therefore, we work for free with non-profit organizations, NGOs and foundations for the development of charity projects, especially geared to children at risk of social exclusion.

The law firm understands progress and success in life through hard work and education as preconditions for a better and fairer society.

Our collaborations

  • Our lawyers give lectures several times a year on current issues of law and matters of interest to young people in schools, youth centers, non-profit associations, etc. They work with the sponsorship of children in Calcutta (India) through the NGO Institute for Mother and Children.
  • We encourage you to collaborate for less than 20 € a month and to help, so that a boy or a girl can study and this way have a better future.

    Contact: Dr. Don José Muriana Jiménez

“Little things lead to big victories.”

Social Responsability