The private purchase and sale contract is a legal document linked to the purchase and sale of real estate in Spain. This is a very important document to establish the obligations of both parties for the correct processing of the purchase and sale of real estate. This document is drafted by the lawyers and is intended to ensure the transaction under the terms agreed between the parties. Generally, real estate agencies will ask the parties to draft this document through their lawyers so that the operation can be carried out in a manner satisfactory to all.

The essential content of a private purchase and sale contract consists of: the description of the property according to the property registry, the existence or not of charges, purchase price, method of payment of the price, deadlines for granting the deed before a notary, cadastre, ownership of receipts and taxes and in general any obligation that the parties must assume in the deal. Any limitations on rights, correction of discrepancies and charges must be clearly reflected in the contract to protect the interests and rights of the buyer and seller.

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